Mission Valley Library, San Diego, CA



The Mission Valley Branch Library is a new 19,000 square-foot library for the City of San Diego. The library is located in the Fenton Marketplace Center. The library is a single-story steel frame structure with an open, high ceiling and mezzanine level.

The lighting package for the library is very extensive and includes linear lighting between the bookshelves with custom tube steel support bracing. A fiber optic lighting system for the water features nine underground illuminators and color wheels and custom parking lot light fixtures.

The fixture package includes over 15 manufacturers and over 40 different types of fixtures. Due to the open high ceiling area and specification requirements, nearly all of the power, lighting and systems conduit were installed in the floor slab.

The low-voltage systems for this project include: fire alarm, security, paging and master clock. All of the low voltage work is being performed by Pyro-Comm Systems. This project won the 2002 Best Devine Detail Award.


Dynalectric - San Diego

Kvaas Construction Company

Wheeler Wimer Blackman

Van Buren Kimper Engineers




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  case_box.gif High-Voltage Systems
  case_box_check.gif Fire Alarm and Life Safety
  case_box.gif Tele-Data Communications
  case_box_check.gif Security/CCTV
  case_box.gif Building Automation
  case_box.gif Instrumentation and Control Systems
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