USS Midway Museum, San Diego, CA



Dynalectric Company is proud to have been chosen to “light-up” the USS Midway Museum, located in San Diego Harbor at Navy Pier. The project had seven target areas. The hull was brought to life by 70-watt metal halide fixtures suspended over the side of the ship.

The perimeter of the deck was outlined by energy saving, compact fluorescent fixtures. The superstructure, aft radar and fantail of the midway were illuminated. New aircraft warning lights were installed at the top of the main mast. Additionally, a total of five aircraft carriers were silhouetted.

The most impressive addition to the museum was the 80 feet stripes of red, white and blue LED’s, located on the north side of the superstructure.

This unique feature is visible from San Diego International Airport and Interstate 5, making the USS Midway a distinctive landmark on the San Diego skyline.


Dynalectric - San Diego

USS Midway Museum

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